Melissa Levell

B.Sc. Kinesiologist

Health should be a priority in our lives.  For the last 10 years, I have been working towards helping people take control of their physical health through training.  Since graduating from The University of Texas in 2014, I have been working as a kinesiologist.


My goal, as a professional in the health industry, is to teach individuals and groups to embrace the journey of health through physical activity.  I specialize in postural training and functional training.  Although functional training may be vague,  I work towards making you more comfortable in your own body and your daily movements.


After pursuing continuing education in the field of kinesiology and postural training,  I have embarked on the adventure of osteopathy studies.  The combination of the knowledge in osteopathy and kinesiology makes the understanding of the human body much clearer.  With my services,  I want to help you understand better your own body and how to move while feeling good.  The goal of physical training is to make you feel better altogether and prevent injuries, not the other way around.


My services:

  • Individual training (at your house is a possibility)
  • Group training
  • Corporate training


With training you get many benefits, ranging from physical to psychological. If you want to take an appointment or simply have more information about my services,  feel free to contact me.