Chantal Barette

Tai Chi Instructor

I am thrilled to join this great Yellow Umbrella team! This is an exciting time for me since I have been a stay-at-home mom (a.k.a. domestic engineer) for the last 11 years raising my three boys. Like everyone else on this planet, I have been blessed over the years with wonderful opportunities for growth. These opportunities challenged me to reach out of my comfort zones and opened my eyes to numerous ways in which we can heal ourselves with even just a little morsel of trust in the universal intelligence. On this journey I discovered a true passion of mine: the empowering and healing magic in Tai Chi and Qi Kung.


There are moments when we simply don’t want or need to use words to express ourselves. Movement through Tai chi not only allows for a different form of expression but it also helps harmonize and ground us by healing any blockages that hinder the fluidity of our energy (chi). The health of our body, mind and spirit is restored as our energy circulates more freely. This martial art strengthens us from the inside out which fosters a true sense of empowerment.


I understand individuals going through serious and sometimes debilitating conditions such as anxiety and depression. My teachings help calm the nervous system (Qi kung) and promote the healthy flow of one’s vital energy in order to help restore the health to body, mind and spirit.


Furthermore, my advanced training in several forms of kung fu and brazilian jiujitsu, enables me to also offer self-defense classes. These classes can sometimes become quite therapeutic since they can make difficult emotions surface which in turn offers an opportunity for healing. For this reason, I believe that my coaching complements other forms of therapy very well. Private or semiprivate classes can be tailored to best fit an individual’s pace and goals.


I really enjoy teaching and I feel a great sense of satisfaction from helping individuals discover the magic of Tai chi and Qi Kung. I currently teach at Infinite Training Studios in Baie D’Urfé and I will be teaching at the West Island Women’s Center in Pointe-Claire in the new year. Under the Yellow Umbrella, my goal is to offer my services on a private and small group basis in order to personalize my approach. I really look forward to this new opportunity and contributing to the Yellow Umbrella’s goal of promoting the wellbeing of our clients.


‘Do what you love and everything else will follow naturally’ Eros