Patricia Levell

     Psychologue, m.a

Frequently Asked Questions


What is Psychotherapy?

A talk based psychological treatment addressing emotional suffering or distress.  Working with the client to make significant changes in how they feel, think, act, their interpersonal relations, personality and/or mental health.

You might benefit from psychotherapy if…?

You feel depressed, or anxious

You feel stuck in your life.

If you aren’t able to relate to others in a satisfying way.

You suffered a physical and/or emotional trauma and struggle as a result.

You want to develop insight and move towards making change in your life

What to you look for in your therapist?

Most importantly you want to work with someone you feel comfortable and safe enough with.

Remember that you are the consumer, it is ok, if somewhat challenging to shop around!

Feel free to ask the individual to describe their training, and their proposed way of working with you.

You may want to check that the person has the qualifications to help you. You can verify their practice on the Order of Psychologist’s website.